Friday, 29 July 2011

Oli Thompson signs with the UFC....

...., set to debut against Phil De Fries on November 5th in Birmingham

I've just got off the phone and Oli Thompson has confirmed he has signed a contract with the UFC!

From MMABay....

MMABay can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Wolfslair MMA Academy heavyweight, Oli Thompson has been snapped up by the UFC and will be making his octagon debut at UFC 138 on November 5th in Birmingham, England against undefeated prospect, Phil De Fries.

News of the fight was passed along to earlier today by a source close to one of the two men. Thompson signed with the UFC earlier today and inked his bout agreement at the same time.
Thompson has blazed a trail on the UK scene since making the move to MMA back in April 2009, amassing an impressive 9-2 record thus far. He is currently on a five-fight winning streak and recently submitted Mark Potter via rear-naked choke in the very first round at UCMMA 21.
MMABay broke news of Thompson signing with the Wolfslair MMA Academy only earlier today, a smart move as they have been instrumental in making major things happen for their fighters over the past couple of years.

De Fries is currently 7-0-1 in his MMA career and has become known as somewhat of a finisher over the past couple of years, submitting all of his opponents, six in the first round. Stay tuned to MMABay for more news on this one as we get it.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oli Thompson vs Mark Potter: Video....

For those that missed Oli's last fight where he defeated Mark Potter to defend his UCMMA Heavyweight Title.....

Question is, what will be next for Oli Thompson?

Friday, 8 July 2011

'Chippendale' Marquardt 'had it coming' - Hardy

Following on from the last post regarding the new worrying trend in MMA, here is an interview with Dan Hardy where he speaks to Dan Blackmore regarding Nate Marquadt who was recently sacked by the UFC following his testing positive for high levels of testosterone.

"What is he, 31 or 32?" Hardy said to ESPN. "I don't want to kick a man when he's down but what's he doing needing testosterone therapy anyway at that age?

"I'm not that far behind him and I certainly don't need any!

"The thing that annoyed me is that he has tested positive for nandrolone in the past, people are aware of that, and now he's saying he needs Hormone Replacement. Maybe he wouldn't have needed Hormone Replacement if he hadn't been using something in the first place.

"On the bright side, he'll always have a job as a Chippendale."

Hardy admits he has always appreciated the talents of Marquardt, and found him to be a personable guy, which made the American's criticisms so much more difficult to understand.
"It's weird, I see him around occasionally - I saw him at the Fighter Summit in Vegas - and he always seems like a real quiet, nice, friendly guy," Hardy said.

"I don't know what the deal is. In the build-up to my GSP fight he made some comments, fair enough, he's GSP's coach and best friend. But he really had no place talking all the trash he did.
"He wasn't the guy getting in there and fighting me and unfortunately now it doesn't look like he is ever going to. I was looking forward to having a scrap with him at some point because he's another one who I think has got it coming.

"It's his battle to fight now. He's got some owning up to do and he's got to get himself back on track. There's nothing to say he can't get back on track and I hope he does because he's got a lot of talent.

"He needs to realise it's all about hard work in the gym."


I have to say...I'm inclined to agree with Hardy.