Sunday, 26 June 2011

Oli Thompson retains title against Mark Potter!

Oli Thompson will wake up today, safe in the knowledge his is the top Heavyweight MMA fighter in the U.K!

Having beaten Mark Potter in the first round last night at UCMMA at the Troxy, London- Oli was buzzing, but calm as always! 
Game face.

Oli managed 2-3 double leg takedowns within the first two minutes, he was just too strong for 
Potter who actually came in 2kg heavier than Oli!
Oli in top position.

Interestingly Potter did not connect with any of his punches...he seemed slower than usual, or 

at least very wary of commiting himself.
In the end Oli secured the final takedown near the side of the cage, put his head against the 
cage and rained down a few punches, one which cut Potter.
As Potter tried to stand back up, Oli retained wrist control, whilst managing to stay busy on
Potter's face.

Finally with just over a minute left in the first round, Oli took his back and wrapped in the now 
notorious Rear Naked choke (which also submitted his last opponant Ben Smith). Potter 
quickly tapped out before Oli even had hooks in.
The winning combo.

Both fighters where very respectful of each other, with Potter showing great sportsmanship 
after the fight, even posing for photos together behind the scenes. 
Oli with Christian Vila and Kenny Moyston (Kenshiro)

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